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  • GMAT作文:解决考试跑题的方法

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      案例:A companys long-term success is primarily dependent on the job satisfaction and the job security felt by the companys employees.



      I agree that business success is more likely when employees feel satisfied with their jobs. Employees who dislike the workplace or their jobs are not likely to reach their potential performance levels; they may tend to arrive late for work, perform their tasks in an unimaginative and sluggish manner, or take excessive sick leaves. Nevertheless, a firms long-term success may equally result from other factors such as finding a market niche for products, securing a reputation for quality products and services, or forming a synergistic alliance with a competitor. This list hardly exhausts all the factors that can contribute to a firms ultimate success向日葵作文, and no none of themincluding job satisfactionis pivotal in every case.

    the 小学英文作文 向日葵作文 写信作文 关于宽容的作文

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